Mongrel Books is a small press based in Karachi, Pakistan.

We are committed to original voices and compelling stories.

For more about us, or general queries:




  • How can I buy one of your books?

If you’re in Pakistan, you can order directly from us here.

If you’re a Pakistani bookstore or online retailer wishing to stock our books, please write to us at


  • How did Mongrel Books begin? 

Our press is the realisation of an ambition to promote original fiction and non-fiction in Pakistan. Without wishing to scare you away with some Marxism, there’s simply more control and freedom when you own and manage the means of production.

While it’s possible for a society to have enough lawyers, bankers, digital strategists, political aides and artisanal bakers, one can never have enough writers and publishers. And we are far from facing such an oversupply locally. Writers need guidance, encouragement and support; this can only happen by people making it happen. No substantial progress and innovation ever came from committees, WhatsApp groups or panel discussions.


  • Why did the first Mongrel Book of Voices have the theme ‘Breakups’?

We foresee the ‘Mongrel Book of Voices’ as an annual anthology, with a different theme every year. For Volume I, ‘Breakups’ just seemed to lend itself as an intriguing and inviting first option. We considered ‘Love’, ‘Laughter’, even ‘Horror’. Breakups encapsulates all these and is the kind of subject any writer – from the melancholic to the macabre – can really get stuck into.


  • What kind of challenges has Mongrel Books faced?

As a new indie press, we are facing the same issues as any small business starting out: affordable quality childcare for the working mother, financing, human resources, acquiring new skills. Being in Pakistan, there are heightened difficulties, such as making international payments. Being in publishing in Pakistan, the challenges are multiplied. For example, the options for paper are limited. Finding the right printer is challenging. And let’s not talk about the patronage politics entwined with every branch of the local publishing tree.


  • What is a typical Mongrel Books book?

We have a clear idea of what constitutes good writing: it’s as simple as wanting to keep reading.

Mongrel Books’ focus in fiction is good storytelling, and in non-fiction work that challenges or enriches contemporary ways of looking and seeing


  • Does Mongrel Books only publish in English?

We will publish original work in English as well as translations into English. Pakistan itself has a vast reservoir of stories in Sindhi, Punjabi, Hindko, Seraiki and other languages, and we hope to build relationships with translators to bring some of those to people who might not otherwise know them.


  • Any advice for aspiring writers?

Writers should understand that their craft requires practice, dedication, hard work, and also nourishment. Reading and living are prerequisites for the actual writing.


  • Any advice for aspiring writers wanting to submit to Mongrel Books?

We are not a vanity press or an academic publisher.

Respect our submission guidelines, and research how to writer a query letter if you have never written one before.