People often ask us how they can help. You can help by buying our books. If you want to be very helpful indeed, you can buy them directly from us.

Our latest book, Sarim Baig’s ‘Saints and Charlatans’, is priced at PKR 700, and delivery charges within Pakistan via UMS service are PKR 50.

We can no longer offer cash on delivery services, but you can buy directly from us in the following ways:

1. Bank transfer: Write to with the name and quantity of the titles you’d like, as well as your complete name, street address with city and post code, and cell number. We’ll contact you with delivery charges, order confirmation and our bank account information, and dispatch your order to you within three working days of receiving payment, via courier or Pakistan Post. (Please note that we can no longer accept cash on delivery.)

2.  FonePay App: You can transfer money directly to us via the QR code below, prior to delivery via courier or Pakistan Post. Please first send an email to us at with your order details, and we’ll inform you  how much to transfer.






Retail: Our books are also stocked at Liberty Books branches across Pakistan, as well as at The Faraar Shop at T2F in Karachi and Anees Book Corner and Readings in Lahore.

International Orders: We do take international orders, if they can be paid for locally. If you’re outside Pakistan and have access to a local bank account or the Fonepay app, write to us at to let us know where you are and what you would like to order, and we’ll get back to you with quotes from Pakistan Post’s international delivery and/or courier services.

E-Books: The Kindle edition of ‘The Mongrel Book of Voices, Volume 1: Breakups’ (£0.99) can be bought here. There Kindle edition of ‘The Light Blue Jumper’ (£0.99) can be bought here.