Our next reading period will be Feb 01 – Feb 28, 2018. Please do not send us your manuscript before then. If we wish to see it when you send us a query during our reading period, we will ask for it.

A lot of people have asked us for submission guidelines in advance. Some notes:

We are a small press with limited resources, and we can only do three or four books a year. We will only do books we feel passionately about. If we don’t wish to do your book, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book. It just means Mongrel Books is not the right publisher for it. Taste is subjective. If you read the books we have already published, you will have a better idea of whether we are the right small press for you.

We will consider prose, poetry and everything in between. We are very interested in translations and bilingual texts. Our only criteria is that we should want to keep turning the page. Don’t query us until you have a complete manuscript.

If you’ve read the above, and feel we might be the right publisher for you, go ahead and email us a query on Feb 01, 2018.

You may send your query to submissions@mongrelbooks.pub.

The title of your mail should include your name and the form you’re pitching (for example, Guftugu Khan, Non-fiction).

Till then, happy reading.